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AutoCrib® Hits Milestone With 1,000th RoboCrib VX1000 Industrial Vending Machine

AutoCrib®, Inc., an innovative manufacturer of automated inventory vending systems that are the de-facto industry standard, reached a milestone producing its 1,000th RoboCrib® VX1000 machine. The RoboCrib is the first carousel based industrial vending innovation created by AutoCrib founder Steve Pixley. Pixley pioneered the concept of using purpose-built vending machines designed to vend inventory and industrial supplies.

During his term as president of an industrial tool distributor, Pixley had witnessed firsthand the need to better track and utilize inventory by manufacturers. As a result, he created a solution in 1994 in his garage, the first industrial vending machine. "We would see our customers struggling to keep track of what inventory they had on hand and the negative impact on productivity and supply chain costs," said Pixley. The RoboCrib® Pixley created, is an industrial vending machine capable of storing and dispensing virtually any tool, part or supply. Since then, Autocrib has deployed nearly 20,000 machines which support a network of dealers, distributors and leading manufacturers worldwide including many of the biggest names on the Fortune 500 list.

"The RoboCrib revolutionized inventory management by providing manufacturers with a means to boost productivity by making supplies readily available while keeping costs in check by providing absolute control," said Pixley. "The RoboCrib is the cornerstone of our innovation at AutoCrib, and after more than 20 years of building on that first vending machine concept, it is an honor to see this model of Robocrib embraced and celebrated by the industry."

Marking A Milestone: Partners Sing Praises of AutoCrib's Innovation

To mark the delivery of AutoCrib's 1,000th RoboCrib VX1000 machine, a special edition VX1000 was built for a commemoration event that was held January 8th at AutoCrib's headquarters in Tustin, California. Distributors and customers from around the globe sent in messages of thanks and congratulations to Pixley and the AutoCrib team for their accomplishments and legacy of innovation in the industry.

DGI Supply, a full-line industrial distributor that represents over 1,500 of the best brand names in the industry, is a longtime AutoCrib partner. "Steve's vision has changed our industry as it relates to managing maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)," said David Crawford, senior vice president of DGI Supply.

"Steve's ability to surround himself with great people, his tireless imagination and his passion for getting things right has driven AutoCrib's success over the years," said Jim Hobbs, president of DGI Supply Canada. "We send our congratulations on reaching this milestone."

SDI is North America's leading supply chain management company focused on MRO. "AutoCrib is a valued partner and we look forward to working with Steve and his team on an ongoing basis," said Andy Cvitanov, president and CEO of SDI. "We send our congratulations on the accomplishment of producing their 1,000th VX1000 RoboCrib machine."

The Cornerstone of Industrial Vending Innovation

AutoCrib's RoboCrib® series is the company's most popular line of industrial vending machines and are widely recognized as the most flexible and capable machines of their kind. With a variety of bin sizes, RoboCribs can dispense items ranging from small drill bits to large welding tanks, as well as delicate items like carbide insert and safety glasses. Items are dispensed securely and quickly - in less than ten seconds - and each item is tracked so inventory levels are kept up-to-date in real-time. RoboCribs enable custom controls to be implemented such as quantity limits on an item within a specified timeframe, limits by dollar amount, departmental budget or shifts, or instant alerts when a job may be out of process because of irregular usage.

Customers have reported significant results from using AutoCrib's industrial vending machines including reducing inventory spend by up to 40%, complete inventory visibility, better control of employee and department spending, and improved job costing, inventory forecasting and demand planning.

About AutoCrib, Inc.:

AutoCrib delivers automated inventory vending systems (software and machines) for manufacturing companies, airlines, military, retailers, distributors and others who want to provide 24/7 unmanned access to inventory while maintaining complete control and 100 percent inventory accuracy. AutoCrib software provides real-time information on all inventory in the system from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere on the planet. The company has been providing industrial vending solutions since 1994 and has deployed more than 20,000 systems worldwide. AutoCrib's product line includes handheld scanners, automated lockers, traditional coil/helix machines, a PPE specific dispensing machine, RFID systems, vision-based tool cabinets, as well as small and large robotic carousel systems with optional counting scale attachment. The systems can be managed by AutoCrib's powerful client/server software or its web-based application, AutoCrib's powerful software, which provides end-users with real-time usage data and in many cases, updates their ERP systems, also allows manufacturers to dramatically reduce inventory costs by as much as 40 percent through increased accountability and tighter access control. For more information please visit


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