For machinists, the timely availability of specific tools, MRO and PPE supplies is key to higher productivity and lower scrap rates. The AutoCrib® product line includes many point-of-use solutions that give employees immediate access to assets but with authentication that drives home the idea of accountability.

Advanced hardware and software also enables you to increase efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of your inventory planning and consigned inventory management operations. Those gains can lead to leaner operations and greater profitability.

Industrial Vending Delivering Increased Profitability for Precision Machining Operations



  • Immediate access to instruments, safety supplies, and other items for less downtime and increased productivity

  • The ability to lower tool costs by forcing the use of regrinds

  • Inventory management capabilities that help control storage and on-hand costs

  • More time for buyers to focus on vendor management as a result of automated purchase order generation

  • Advanced inventory tracking across cost centers

  • System access that is both quick and secure, with multiple authentication options

  • The ability to restrict the dispensing of gauges in need of calibration to ensure QA processes are accurate

An array of reports and dashboards that come standard with AutoCrib® give you the data needed to manage day-to-day operations and assess cost allocation per job. This helps you make well-informed strategic decisions related to your tool and equipment expenses.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage Trusted by the Machining Industry