AutoCrib® is proud to provide industrial vending solutions to many U.S. government agencies and military branches, and the organizations that serve them. These entities have very high standards and specific requirements for the management of their tools, MRO supplies, and assets. They trust our inventory management systems to help them increase accuracy, accountability, decrease project downtime, and improve productivity. They know AutoCrib® systems can also help reduce waste, decrease costs, and adhere to strict security protocols while ensuring safety compliance.

Our automated inventory dispensing and management systems are continually enhanced based on input from our government and military customers, and have undergone rigorous government testing. AutoCrib® asset management solutions are approved for use in a wide range of environments, and our powerful AutoCrib® software is approved by the U.S. Air Force.

Trusted to Meet the Inventory Control Needs of Many U.S. Government and Military Entities



  • Easily transported machines that provide immediate access to equipment, tools, and supplies wherever they are needed

  • Unlimited configuration and customization options to meet any need

  • Advanced RFID-based, serialized inventory management capabilities that provide outstanding FOD (Foreign Object Debris) compliance

  • Powerful integrated security capability for managing user access

  • Reduced purchase order costs through simplified purchasing processes

  • Details by vendor to assist with cost-saving consolidation or necessary redundancy through diversified sourcing

  • Multiple system access authentication options

  • Standard, repeatable processes ideal for bringing new or transferred personnel up to speed quickly

AutoCrib® solutions come standard with a wide variety of reports and dashboards for providing oversight on everything from inventory management to budget allocation. This data helps you make operational decisions and formulate long-term strategy, while also making it easier to prepare for audits.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage Trusted by the Government & Military