In the oil and gas industry, keeping product flowing is your top priority. Having the equipment and materials you need close at hand when making repairs or enhancing systems is critical to maximizing productivity. The delay associated with employees traveling long distances to get item results in costly downtime. AutoCrib® systems are powerful solutions for ensuring your employees have the tools and MRO and PPE supplies they need to do their jobs well.

Our robust, customizable inventory planning and consigned inventory management systems help create a mindset in your staff and contractors that value the efficient use of both materials and time. That culture of conservation helps you manage leaner and more profitable operations.

Industrial Vending Solutions that Maximize Productivity in the Oil & Gas Industry



  • Convenient availability of supplies to increase efficiency and productivity

  • Reduced time spent managing purchasing quantities with purchase orders issued automatically based on user-specified thresholds

  • Full accountability through secure, authenticated access

  • Tight control of gauge calibration management to ensure QA processes maintain high standards

  • Lower stock and storage costs through inventory optimization features

  • Administrator-defined access control settings that prevent users from obtaining an item for which they aren’t authorized to use.

To keep you updated on your operations in real time, AutoCrib® systems come standard with a variety of reports and dashboards covering all aspects of inventory management. This information enables you to make better day-to-day decisions and direct strategic initiatives.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage Trusted by the Oil & Gas Industry