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Today, AutoCrib provides over 20,000+ automated inventory control systems for some of the biggest names in Fortune 500 and various other manufacturing and retail companies worldwide. With 25+ years of experience, our industrial vending machines slash inventory expenses, increase worker productivity and automate the procurement process. AutoCrib's innovative point-of-use dispensing machines drive significant return on investment in very short payback periods. 


AutoCrib is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and asset control solutions. The company’s diverse product line, in combination with its flexible asset tracking software, authors customized systems that ensure accountability, control and accuracy for a wide range of critical industries. AutoCrib was acquired by Snap-on Incorporated in September of 2020. The acquisition complements and expands Snap-on’s existing tool control offering to customers in a variety of industrial applications, including aerospace, automotive, military, natural resources and general industry.

The Inteliport lite in a factory setting.


An overhead view of the TX 750 showing the internal carousel which is engineered for speed.


In 1994, we found that manufacturing companies struggled to account and control their indirect industrial supplies. Through this discovery, AutoCrib was born and began pioneering industrial vending. AutoCrib set out to find a way to help companies control and deliver the tools and supplies that workers needed, where they were needed.

After a year of engineering, the first tool vending machine was completed, consisting of a retrofitted vending machine, driven by a simple keypad and interfaced with the user and provided communication to a central personal computer with a basic inventory control system.

Since then, AutoCrib continues to be driven by innovation to deliver cutting edge industrial technology for inventory management year after year and continues to provide the most robust and reliable machines on the market, which have become the standard to which all industrial vending machines are judged.

Digital Screen of TX 750


No one can better understand the challenges of manufacturing and maintenance operations than those who have run a similar operation. Originating from a flagship industrial distributor, we understand inventory control challenges such as poor accountability and job costing to the inability to track who is taking what and the wasted time looking for items that an employee needs to do his job. AutoCrib, eliminates these challenges while addressing the specific needs and issues in any type of industry with its flexible and user friendly software systems.

RoboCrib Lockers showcasing the optional laser card reader.


From a local machine shop to a large multinational enterprise, AutoCrib can design and build a tailor-made inventory management or asset tracking system that addresses the unique needs and requirements of your business. Our industrial vending systems gives you real-time usage data and in many cases, can update your ERP system. This has helped our customers dramatically reduce their consumption of indirect supplies to as much as 40%.

Through this considerable experience we have found that one machine cannot solve everyone’s problems. That is why we offer a wide variety of different industrial machine solutions. AutoCrib’s product line includes a variety of handheld scanners, automated lockers, traditional coil/helix machines, a PPE specific dispensing machine, RFID systems, vertical storage machines, vision based tool cabinets as well as small and large robotic carousel systems with an optional counting scale attachment. You can pick and choose what options are right for your business needs and what will fit your budget, and we will build a system that meets your desires.

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