In order to ensure safe operation of aircraft, the aerospace industry requires the tightest tolerances in manufacturing and maintenance, as well as strict lot control. In particular, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is an issue that costs the aerospace industry billions of dollars per year.

Trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and all branches of the military, AutoCrib® industrial vending solutions are unrivaled in their ability to provide serialized tracking of every individual item — from the largest tools to the smallest fasteners — and ensure that each is properly returned to storage.

The Leading Provider of Inventory Management Systems to the Aerospace Industry


Our Systems Provide Aerospace Companies with:

  • Convenient point-of-use access to tools, safety supplies, and MRO materials to increase efficiency and productivity

  • Exceptional FOD compliance through advanced RFID-based object recognition and serialized inventory management capabilities to ensure all items are returned when work is completed

  • Ability to optimize inventory quantities, thereby reducing storage and on-hand costs

  • Multiple levels of kitting

  • Scale-based dispensing capabilities that enable workers to obtain items quickly and efficiently

  • Automated issuance of purchase orders to prevent stock-outs

  • Highly accurate inventory tracking across multiple cost centers to ensure efficient procurement operations and decrease waste

  • Multiple authentication options provide fast and secure access to the system with full accountability

  • Gauge calibration management restricts the use of items in need of service and detailed audit trail in the event of a recall

AutoCrib® inventory management solutions have as big an impact in the office as they do in the field. An array of reports and dashboards provide the real-time data needed to make operational decisions and formulate long-term strategies.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage Trusted by the Aerospace Industry