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The inside view of the TX 750 RoboCrib Automated vending solution. Vend Boxes too.


Keep tight control of every item in your inventory including tools, MRO, PPE, eTools, fasteners, and gauges. From the smallest washer to the largest jet engine part there is no limit to what can be dispensed. The AutoCrib Advantage is vending without limits.


Our industrial vending machines are built like tanks and provide point-of-use inventory management for industrial supplies. Workers simply scan an ID or fingerprint to issue or return items. The industrial vending system does the recordkeeping automatically just like a tool crib attendant, it can even re-order the products for you!

What Makes Industrial Vending Machines Different?

Unlike a candy vending machine, industrial vending machines are different in a lot of ways:

Purpose-built for industrial environments.

Powerful inventory management software.

No cash transactions. Employees login with their existing employee badge.

User interface designed for making complex inventory transactions easy.

Flexibility to dispense a wide-variety of item types and thousands of SKUs.

Doesn’t require repackaging.

You can return items back to the dispensing machine.

Vending Inventory Management

Automated Asset Locker

Automated Inventory

Management Cabinet

Vertical Lift Inventory

& Tool Storage

Vending Inventory Management Solutions


A powerful inventory management tool in a flexible vending machine format for dispensing everything from tools and safety supplies to boxes.


A complete stock management and inventory control system, packaged in an automated dispensing machine.


The most popular industrial dispensing machine in the industry.


The Robocrib® VX500 is a robotic inventory tracking system for cutting tools, fasteners, shop supplies and PPE.


Automated Asset Locker Solutions

Automated Inventory Management Cabinet Solutions

Vertical Lift Inventory & Tool Storage Solutions

RFID Asset & Inventory

Tracking Solutions

RFID Asset & Inventory Tracking Solutions

Virtual Toolroom Inventory Management Solutions

Virtual Toolroom Inventory Management Solutions

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