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Industrial vending solutions from AutoCrib® are trusted and relied upon in a wide range of industries to produce major, measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of inventory management. AutoCrib® systems deliver cost savings, increased productivity, enhanced safety, improved compliance, and streamlined access to critical data for companies of all sizes.

From large cribs to RFID portals to space-saving vertical lift systems, AutoCrib® can meet any asset tracking and consumable dispensing or inventory management need.


You’ll find more than 20,000 AutoCrib® systems being used in 40+ countries around the world at leading businesses in these industries


In order to ensure safe operation of aircraft, the aerospace industry requires the tightest tolerances in manufacturing and maintenance, as well as strict lot control. In particular, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is an issue that costs the aerospace industry billions of dollars per year.


AutoCrib® solutions for the construction industry help increase profitability by driving productivity up and costs down. Having the right item or tool at the job when needed, prevents time-wasting trips to the warehouse or to the hardware store to buy the needed items at a higher cost.


AutoCrib® is proud to provide industrial vending solutions to many U.S. government agencies and military branches, and the organizations that serve them. These entities have very high standards and specific requirements for the management of their tools, MRO supplies, and assets.


For machinists, the timely availability of specific tools, MRO and PPE supplies is key to higher productivity and lower scrap rates. The AutoCrib® product line includes many point-of-use solutions that give employees immediate access to assets but with authentication for accountability.


Companies involved in manufacturing need powerful, accurate, flexible solutions to help them with inventory planning and consigned inventory management. In an industry that looks to produce high run rates and low scrap rates through the use of robotics, AutoCrib® systems can make it easier to maintain these expensive machines.


In the oil and gas industry, keeping product flowing is your top priority. Having the equipment and materials you need close at hand when making repairs or enhancing systems is critical to maximizing productivity. 


Utility companies work under strict regulations regarding uptime and must meet stringent compliance requirements. AutoCrib® solutions, including point-of-use systems and efficient RFID portals, ensure that there is never a delay in getting the industrial supplies you need to complete a task.


Employee safety and OSHA compliance requirements associated with it are major concerns for companies in all industries. No organization wants to be involved in a million dollar lawsuit because an employee was unable to obtain a $2 pair of safety glasses. AutoCrib® industrial vending systems address these type of issues.


For companies in the transportation and automotive space, productivity and profitability are closely linked. To be competitive, you need employees to have immediate access to tools, spare parts, and other MRO supplies.

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