AutoCrib® RDS

AutoCrib® RDS

The original tool vending machine with a complete inventory management system.

The Basics
Materials/Finish Sturdy steel construction and powder coated
Configuration(s) Helix coil configurations for a variety of item sizes 60 coils are standard. An additional shelf will add 10 more coils. Each coil can hold from 6-30 items (Up to 2100 items total)
Weight Capacity Up to 40 lbs. Top 4 tray positions (tilting) 60 lbs. Bottom 3 tray positions (non-tilting)
Touchscreen Size 12"
Enclosure Dimensions 41”W (104cm) x 72”H (182cm) x 38”D (96cm) with touch screen
Power 100-240VAC– 50/60HZ, 3A/1.5A MAX
Warranty 12-month warranty

tags: PPE, Point of Use, High Velocity, High Security, Field Configurable/Reconfigurable, Coil

Product Details

Industrial Vending Machines

The AutoCrib® RDS (Remote Dispensing Station) industrial vending machine is the most advanced helix-coil machine on the market. This industrial vending system is purpose-built for high-demand industrial environments with up to 16.7% more product capacity than other machines on the market. The inventory management capabilities and software reporting are superior to any other advanced helix-coil machine available. Designed to increase accountability, improve productivity, and reduce consumption, they system replaces spreadsheets and ERP systems that don’t accurately reflect what you have in inventory. Industrial vending machines document inventory transactions automatically, provide secure inventory control at the point-of-use, and streamline purchasing with automated reordering.

Key Benefits

Reduce inventory consumption by 20% or more 24/7 secure access without additional staff Point-of-use dispensing reduces storeroom trips and waiting time Streamline purchasing with automated reordering Provides detailed reporting of usage and spending ERP system integration (SAP, JD Edwards, Prophet 21, JobBOSS, etc.)

Industrial vending solutions

AutoCrib® manufactures industrial vending solutions for dispensing industrial supplies. Industrial vending machines are ideally suited for inventory management programs that require employee accountability of consumable inventory and returnable durable items.

Control inventory consumption

Control product distribution by employee, department, and job. You can also manage employees and departments by spending.

Powerful reporting

Get advanced reporting on usage and spending including by department, job, machine, and employee. Schedule the automated delivery of reports by email. Quickly see your on-hand inventory levels and manage your inventory with the most accurate real-time information.

Point-of-use dispensing

Industrial vending machines provide point-of-use access to supplies, allowing employees to spend more time on the job and less time at the storeroom. You can select who has access to which items in what quantities and at what times. Products are secured 24/7 to control usage and prevent theft.


AutoCrib® has developed a patented guaranteed delivery system that prevents items from becoming stuck in the device. VendVerify is a laser-based system that ensures that the selected products have been dispensed before decrementing inventory. If a product is not delivered, the machine will “jog” the motor incrementally until a successful vend so that inventory accuracy is assured and only one item is dispensed per issue.

Quick scan

Employees can issue items from the industrial vending machine with quick scan capability. A built-in barcode scanner makes issuing items “point-and-click” simple.

Capacity Up to 2100 Items | Up to 70SKUs (Standard 60SKUs)

The AutoCrib® RDS industrial vending machine can be optionally equipped for an additional 10SKUs (unique items). This allows you to dispense a greater variety of items in the machine — 16.7% more product capacity than other machines on the market. Large Indexable Inserts: 24-Coil, 60SKU = 1440 Capacity Large Indexable Inserts: 24-Coil, 70SKU = 1680 Capacity Small Index-able Inserts: 30-Coil, 60SKU = 1800 Capacity Small Index-able Inserts: 30-Coil, 70SKU = 2100 Capacity

Automated Reordering

The machine can be set up to automatically batch process purchase orders. This means you can prevent stock-outs and reduce your administrative processing costs.


The RDS TouchVend has an optional user-friendly touchscreen and a physical keyboard that expands the machine’s features and capabilities. This easy to use interface lets users search for products and get detailed information about items. Using the RDS TouchVend you can also add on an auxiliary machine to double the capacity of your system.


You can dispense multiple items in the same transaction.

Force use of regrinds

Regrinds can save up to 80% of your costs vs. new cutting tools, but they are often underused because operators use new tools without realizing there was a comparable regrind in stock. The force regrinds feature issues regrinds before new cutting tools, significantly reducing your inventory spend.

Advanced inventory management software

AutoCrib® software is an enterprise-level solution with powerful functionality out-of-the-box that helps you manage your inventory. AutoCrib® offers both cloud-based and on-premise inventory management solutions.

Advanced user access controls

Manage items by department, job, machine, employee Custom fields (Tail Number, Customer Number, Secondary Part Number, etc...) Kit management and virtual tool kitting capability Specify issue quantity and package quantity Automated email alerts Detailed tracking for lot control, serialized items, expiration dates Gauge calibration management with lockout capability 200+ actionable reports and automatic report scheduling Optional: Custom reports and ad-hoc reporting tools ERP system integration (SAP, JD Edwards, Prophet 21, JobBOSS, etc...)

Flexible Configurations

Select from a wide range of helix-coil sizes and configure multiple motors for large items. The shelf spacing is adjustable to allow for various heights.

Upgrade path

AutoCrib® RDS is a truly scalable, enterprise-ready inventory management solution. You can expand your industrial vending program with multiple machines and upgrade to advanced industrial vending machines from AutoCrib®. All of our machines have a familiar interface and integrate with our standardized inventory software.

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Since we have been involved with AutoCrib and using the software for 10 plus years we have seen a reduction in our total inventory. We now have the ability to see inventory that is slow moving and can adjust min/max to better fit our needs. Also, it has helped to consolidate our inventory. AutoCrib gives us the ability to track our costs better.
Here are some of the benefits that we are seeing from the RoboCribs: Ease of issue. No cross contamination. Reorders are automatic. Visibility of parts and quantities.
AutoCrib vending systems helped JetBlue Airways to implement new technology in our operation. This allowed us to track our assets and reduce touch points with a return on investment that was less than 12 months.
S&S has partnered with AutoCrib since 2007 on vending projects with our corporate manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, and utility customers. Their constant innovation in leading edge vending technology allows us to have a proven and unique set of capabilities that our competition cannot offer. Their in-house techs and parts that are readily available allow our tech teams to keep the 200+ installed systems nation-wide running 24/7 that are critical to our customers success and S&S’s reputation.