Products For Vending Every Thing

Keep tight control of every item in your inventory including tools, MRO, PPE, eTools, fasteners, and gauges. From the smallest washer to the largest jet engine part there is no limit to what can be dispensed with our fully customized vending solutions.

Vending Inventory Management Solutions

AutoCrib raises the bar in automated inventory management with its high capacity, flexible and fast industrial vending solutions.

Automated Asset Locker Solutions

Track and securely store assets with ease using AutoCrib’s fully modular smart lockers. With over nearly 40 modules to choose from and automatic weight-based scale tracking, FX LOCKERS are custom built specific to your business needs and can easily be reconfigured as needs change.

Automated Inventory Management Cabinet Solutions

AUTOCAB is a medium security point of use inventory solution designed to store and quickly issue over 200 different types of items using a variety of bins, shelves and dividers. Similar to the FX Locker, this push button inventory solution can control access of both slow and fast moving assets by item, employee or job.

Vertical Lift Inventory & Tool Storage Solutions

Maximize floor space with AutoCrib’s Vertical Lift Machine (VLM). The first vertical lift point of use inventory storage solution that is as user friendly as a vending machine.

RFID Asset & Inventory Tracking Solutions

Perfect for tracking and issuing high SKU counts, AutoCrib’s IntelliPort solutions accommodate large and bulky items and allow employees to “shop” simultaneously eliminating long lines while improving accountability and inventory management.

Virtual Toolroom Inventory Management Solutions

Convert your old manual tool crib or stores area into an efficient virtual dispensing system with AutoCrib’s feature-rich Toolroom solutions.

AutoCrib vending systems helped JetBlue Airways to implement new technology in our operation. This allowed us to track our assets and reduce touch points with a return on investment that was less than 12 months.
Here are some of the benefits that we are seeing from the RoboCribs: Ease of issue. No cross contamination. Reorders are automatic. Visibility of parts and quantities.
S&S has partnered with AutoCrib since 2007 on vending projects with our corporate manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, and utility customers. Their constant innovation in leading edge vending technology allows us to have a proven and unique set of capabilities that our competition cannot offer. Their in-house techs and parts that are readily available allow our tech teams to keep the 200+ installed systems nation-wide running 24/7 that are critical to our customers success and S&S’s reputation.
Since we have been involved with AutoCrib and using the software for 10 plus years we have seen a reduction in our total inventory. We now have the ability to see inventory that is slow moving and can adjust min/max to better fit our needs. Also, it has helped to consolidate our inventory. AutoCrib gives us the ability to track our costs better.