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Why Data Centers Need High Security Vending Machines NOW!

Are you lying awake at night wondering if you have the critical spares where and when you need them if your system goes down? If your facility is facing challenges with storage resource management (SRM), your solution may be as easy as installing a high security industrial vending machine with storage management software to track every piece of important IT equipment. It's a cost effective way to solve your media security challenges, so you can finally catch up on the sleep you've been losing.

1. Chain of Custody

It is imperative to have an effective chain of custody to track the life cycle of every IT resource from installation to disposal. How can you keep track of your storage resources in a mission-critical environment with multiple data techs servicing thousands of servers and storage racks?

To solve this physical storage management problem, an industrial vending machine will give your data centers the ability to track where, when and who took each resource. Industrial vending systems paired with a physical storage management system will allow your data centers to keep track of your IT assets life cycle from purchase and installation to removal, refurbishment or destruction.

2. Loss Prevention

In today’s information security environment, it is critical that your data and equipment are secured not only from external threats, but also internal threats. An industrial vending machine used to control drives and other IT resources will reduce the risk of loss or theft with an inventory management system that ensures accountability. Control stock by requiring employees to use a pin code, proximity card or biometric identification device, so you know exactly when and how many hard drives or other spare parts an employee takes. The possibilities are endless when you have an inventory tracking software that protects and tracks your expensive equipment. Missing drives are a thing of the past and you can be confident that data is not making its way out of your facility.

3. 24/7 Access Control

Instead of pulling from uncontrolled storage closets, technicians check out drives and other critical spare parts from an industrial vending machine to track your equipment down to the serial number. When a drive is checked out to a work order, the system tracks the drive to the specific cluster and rack. When the drive is retired, the system is updated. Data centers can control access in a variety of ways, from controlling the quantity of drives per technician to which users can be granted access to taking specific equipment from the machine.

AutoCrib’s proven solutions have helped a wide market spectrum, from manufacturing to retail. With a multitude of our products successfully installed in numerous data centers, we have solved many common industry challenges. AutoCrib systems provide control to track every piece of IT equipment in the supply chain while also reducing theft, loss, maintenance and floor space. A high security industrial vending machine with storage management software will provide improved operational efficiencies and increased security in your data center facilities for years to come.


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