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Making it Easy with Inventory Management

When you reach into a bag of trail mix, you’re bound to lose a peanut or two by the time your hand leaves the bag. Air Force maintenance workers experience a similar phenomenon, but instead of reaching for a handful of treats, they reach in to grab however many nuts, bolts or washers they need. Over time, it’s the little things that start adding up and costing you the most.

With the Air Force’s demand for high-tech solutions and AutoCrib products, Lockheed Martin, an industrial support vendor providing over 89,000 unique parts, has taken the responsibility of controlling the Air Force’s supplies with high-security vending machines. Lockheed Martin will use these machines to help control the issuing of parts, demand planning, accountability of their maintenance workers and inventory management.

“Our ability to integrate technology [such as RoboCribs], seamlessly helped us achieve a 99.78% bin fill rate with virtually zero quality issues.”

-Scott Martin, Senior Program Manager of Lockheed Martin’s U.S. Air Force IPV

As the Defense Department’s largest industrial product support vender, the Air Force expects Lockheed to deliver a 99.5% accuracy count. Lockheed Martin, with a 99.78% success rate, won a lucrative $750 million contract to support spare parts management for the U.S. Air Force with the use of AutoCrib’s high-security vending machines and state of the art inventory control systems.

Lockheed Martin will be running the inventory control system for the Air Force Air Logistics Complexes at Hill, Tinker and Robins Air Force bases. To increase accountability, maintenance workers will use their Common Access Cards to access the high-security machine and over 2,000 different parts and items.

AutoCrib’s high-security vending machines provides the Air Force with better accountability and control to lower costs and increase productivity and efficiency, while also reducing bin contamination. Additionally, AutoCrib machines can gather data on which items are being used for specific tasks, which can later be collected to create a task kit. These machines can also reduce time spent collecting fasteners and other low-cost items by 50%, so your expensive technicians can get back to their jobs. Don’t sweat the small stuff, so you can focus on more important things.


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