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AutoCrib Rolls Out New RoboCrib Model


AutoCrib, Inc. is adding a new model to their most popular line of robotic carousel industrial vending machines, the RoboCrib VX. This new VX model consolidates the RoboCrib 500 and 1000 into one cabinet to streamline the RoboCrib family while adding greater flexibility for customers. The VX can come configured as either a VX-500 which holds up to 628 items or the VX-1000, which holds up to 1,048 items. The cabinet measures 34”w x 39”d x 75”h and includes a 12.1 Touch Screen in an alcove. With field configurable bins, the RoboCrib VX rapidly adapts to changing customer needs.

“During the VX design process, we saw the potential in modernizing the line,” explains Jim McMahon, VP Engineering. “We were able to improve efficiency and provide our customers with many additional features they have been asking for at no additional cost.” All RoboCribs now have a front panel that swings open for easy access and a touch screen in landscape position.

The VX also boasts the new AutoCrib Universal Interface (AUI). “Using a common platform across the entire AutoCrib line sets the stage for our next wave of software innovation and ease of use initiatives. It will allow us to operate machines remotely, upgrade software with ease and reduce maintenance costs for our distributors and end-user customers,”, said Jonathan Kim, AutoCrib’s CIO. “It will also allow customers to easily control additional machines like our AutoLockers or our ScaleMate which enables complete control of fastener inventory by using a single scale accurate to .0002 of a kilogram. This is a much simpler and lower cost alternative to our competitor’s multiple scale solutions.” ,p>The motor controller board has been updated to the latest technology, which not only reduces maintenance, it allows customers to test the system via PC commands. New rotary latches have been added to AutoCrib’s exclusive frameless doors allowing access to larger items, which was identified as a critical need by many users. The new field configurable bins allow end-users to quickly swap bins as their needs change. With the twist of a single screw, they can pop out a bin and replace it with a larger or smaller bin that better accommodates the new items they want to vend. Without leaving the machine, they can then reconfigure the software to match their new configuration. The whole process takes just minutes.

“Our customers love the new machine!” states Steve Pixley, CEO of AutoCrib. “It is much easier to install and support, and who doesn’t love getting more features at no additional cost! This is exactly the reaction we were anticipating. AutoCrib is known for its ability to respond rapidly to feedback from our customers and we are proud to have done it again with the new VX line.”

All RoboCribs now ship with or AutoCrib 6.1 software. Version 6.1 is a major new release of our client server software. In addition to a complete redesign of the user interface, there are a number of new structural and feature enhancements, including a new ribbon style control. In addition to the ability to find an item by a search box, category, list or barcoded pick list, the new RoboCrib VX has image-based search, making finding an item as easy as swiping or scrolling your iPhone pictures.

AutoCrib delivers automated inventory vending systems (software and machines) for manufacturing companies, airlines, military, retailers, distributors and others who want to provide 24/7 unmanned access to inventory while maintaining complete access control and 100% inventory accuracy. AutoCrib software provides real-time information on all inventory in the system from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere on the planet.

AutoCrib has been providing industrial vending solutions since 1995 and has deployed over 15,000 systems worldwide. AutoCrib manufactures the patented RoboCrib line of robotic carousel systems, AutoLockers, The EleVend, the world’s only dedicated glove vending machine, as well as automated cabinets, RFID vending solutions, handheld scanners, and traditional helix coil vending machines. No other company provides such a variety of point-of-use dispensing technology. AutoCrib systems are driven by AutoCrib''s powerful software, which provides end-users with real-time usage data and in many cases, updates their ERP systems. This allows manufacturers to dramatically reduce inventory costs by as much as 50% through increased accountability and tighter access control.


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