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AutoCrib Launches New Web-Based Automated Inventory Vending Systems

AutoCrib, Inc., an innovative manufacturer of automated inventory vending systems that are the de-facto industry standard, today introduced AutoCrib .Net 4.0, an enhanced software product, at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), taking place Sept. 12 – 17 in Chicago. Reinforcing its position as the leader in industrial vending, AutoCrib also unveiled refinements to three of its product features on the RoboCrib® TX750 and AutoLocker® FX.

AutoCrib .Net 4.0 will provide customers with a multi-tenant database, faster reporting, a familiar user interface, increased security, and new work flows. In addition to a significant software update, AutoCrib also made product refinements to the RoboCrib TX750 and AutoLocker FX with a completely redesigned plastic shelving system for the TX750, scales mounted in the FX lockers as well as a new “fast pick” button bar system to enhance customers’ experience.

“AutoCrib also has designed from the ground up new technology that addresses some of the industrial vending industry’s greatest challenges for users—cost, density and inflexibility,” said Steve Pixley, president and founder of AutoCrib. “Each AutoCrib product is designed to deliver automated inventory vending support for customers such as manufacturing companies, airlines, the military, retailers, distributors and others who want to provide 24/7 unmanned access to inventory—while maintaining complete control and 100 percent inventory accuracy.”

Pixley pioneered the concept of using purpose-built vending machines and built the first industrial vending machine in 1994 after identifying a need for manufacturers to better track and utilize inventory. As a solution, Pixley created an industrial vending machine capable of storing and dispensing virtually any tool, part or supply.

Since then, AutoCrib has grown to support a global network of dealers and distributors and its machines are used by leading manufacturers worldwide including many of the biggest names on the Fortune 500 and more than 20,000 machines deployed. Customers have reported significant results from using AutoCrib’s industrial vending machines including reducing inventory spend by up to 40%, complete inventory visibility, better control of employee and department spending, and improved job costing, inventory forecasting and demand planning.

AutoCrib offers automated inventory vending systems (software and machines) for manufacturing companies, airlines, military, retailers, distributors and others who want to provide 24/7 unmanned access to inventory while maintaining complete control and 100 percent inventory accuracy.

AutoCrib Machine Giveaway

To bring attention to these product updates and refinements, AutoCrib will be giving away one of its innovative industrial vending machines at IMTS 2016. For more information on how to enter, please visit AutoCrib website and stop by booth number W-1223 at IMTS show.


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