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With AutoCrib Software and dispensing machines, employees have limited access to items per job. Users simply input their job number and are restricted to only approved items and tools.

  • Tool usage was reduced by 30%.

  • The company achieved a 10% reduction in scrapped parts by incorporating the AutoCrib job access control module.

Reduced tool usage 30%


Decrease Tool Crib Budget Without Consequences to Production

A high-end drag valve manufacturer, faced with increasing competition from overseas, required all departments to cut their budget by 15%. How could the tool crib accomplish that without having a negative impact on the production department? How could they guarantee that the correct tool would be used on each and every job to reduce scrap on their very expensive parts?



The company evaluated their tools and items and found that 20% of the items drove 80% of the transactions at the tool crib window. Three AutoCrib point-of-use dispensing machines were added, for complete locked-down control of these fast-moving round tools and inserts. With over 1,300 employees in production, the AutoCrib systems are issuing over 18,000 items per month. And DoALL-DGI Supply is managing over 1,600 SKUs with AutoCrib software. The company can access automatic reports on usage, and usage is easily controlled by item and employee.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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