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  • Reduced spend by about 15% on 120 PPE, first aid items, and tools.

  • Significant savings in overtime.

  • Vending system now provides 24/7 access and tracking.

  • Forces capture of departmental data before dispensing items.

  • Reduced time needed to issue material from storeroom - no more lines.

  • FTE reduction of 1 person in a storeroom.

  • Eliminates stock-outs with daily review of replenishment reports.

Reduced Inventory Spend by 15%, Decreased Overtime and Provided Accurate Tracking


Reduce Spend, Improve Accounting and Increase Productivity

OPPD needed to reduce the total spend on inventory -- but keep items easily accessible 24/7. They also needed to track items issued by department and employee to help with department billing.



AutoCrib's automated point-of-use dispensing machine RoboCrib 1000 was positioned on the line dock that services more than 20 trucks for construction and maintenance projects.

Phase 2 will include both RoboCrib and AutoLockers at their coal generation plant. This will help with the management of tools, test kits and gauges. The new system will allow OPPD to bill outside contractors for items they use.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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