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  • By decentralizing the glove supply, employees are away from their work centers for less time.

  • As confidence in the system increased, hoarding was no longer necessary.

  • Reduced glove usage by up to 70%.

  • Increased efficiency with automated reorder reports.

Trane is now saving approximately $72,000 per year.


Getting Glove Consumption Under Control

In order to effectively control PPE/safety supplies, Trane worked with AutoCrib to install over 15 dispensing machines throughout the plant. 

How could a leading air conditioner manufacturing company control PPE/safety supply costs - and do it cost-effectively? Employees had long queue times at the tool crib. And so employees began hoarding gloves in personal lockers or at their work centers. This was causing spiked demand, shortages and, in some cases, work stoppages for safety reasons. Additionally, employees had long travel times from their work center to glove supply and back.



Trane worked with DoALL-DGI Supply to implement AutoCrib inventory control software and dispensing systems. The company installed over 15 AutoCrib dispensing machines, including a RoboCrib 2000, throughout the plant for 100% secure access-controlled availability to the gloves, around the clock, and the systems are automatically replenished.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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