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  • The production manager can now review reports on consumption, job costing, and lead times from vendors, and these reports can be accessed anywhere he has an internet connection.

  • The touch screen-based interface allows his users to search by item, description or classification, and displays pictures of the items and notes their own use. This has been key to the system's success, as some members of his staff are unfamiliar with item codes.

  • Stock-outs, late nights, and delayed ordering of tools have become a thing of the past.

  • Management believes the system paid for itself in approximately 12 months.

Low-cost TouchVend delivers secure inventory control and automated reordering


Automate Reorder Process on a Small Budget, with High Returns

The production manager at a small Midwestern machine shop was overwhelmed with the task of ordering supplies for his staff. Rapid growth over the years created an environment where staff just grabbed whatever they needed. With no inventory control system in place, there was no accountability or tracking on what was being used. This caused the production manager to have to perform a physical inventory on the supplies almost every night to avoid costly stock-outs. Due to the fast-paced environment, he was rarely able to start until after hours. Any shortages he found at night could not be communicated to his suppliers until the next day, which led to more headaches. He knew he needed a real tool crib and an automated reordering system. But how do you implement that with little to no budget and no staff?



The web-enabled AutoCrib TouchVend machine was the low-cost solution the production manager was looking for. The simple system setup and low cost provides a 100% secure inventory control and reordering system, which the manager could access from work or home.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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