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  • Savings of $700,000 in new tool spend during first four months - with a reduction of 70% per day.

  • Reduced consumption and inventory costs.

  • Streamlined purchasing process with automated purchasing, which resolved stock-out and obsolescence issues.

  • Reporting is available on usage, to highlight spikes and excesses.

  • Tracking of all scrapped tools, with reports on the number of times each tool is reground.

Saves $700k in first six months of using AutoCrib inventory management


Reduce Usage of New Machine Tools, Increase Use of Regrinds

Edscha of Canada, a manufacturer of motor vehicle parts and accessories, was suffering from a lack of inventory control. Although regrinds of tools were available in stock, new cutting tools were being used first -- and at a rapid rate. Since tooling costs were reaching nearly $6,000 per day, a solution was needed.



Edscha partnered with DoALL-DGI Supply Canada (a provider of inventory control systems, software and tools for industry) to solve the problem of inventory costs and consumption. Using AutoCrib software and point-of-use dispensing machines, a new system was developed to utilize Edscha's regrinds and control access to new tooling.

AutoCrib provided RoboCrib 2000 machines to dispense tools with a "forced reference" program that dispenses regrinds before new tools. Remote Dispensing Stations were also used to dispense regrinds before the new tools. The complete dispensing system also included AutoLockers and the ToolRoom Data Entry Terminals.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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