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  • The new system virtually eliminated stock-outs and work stoppages.

  • It also reduced the time workers spent hunting for tools.

  • These savings, coupled with the elimination of the manned crib, resulted in a 6-month payback on the system.

Automated tool crib can manage inventory 24/7, and pays for itself in 6 months


Kaizen Leads to Cost-Effective Automation of Tool Crib

A mid-sized manufacturing company had a significant problem with inaccurate inventory levels on hundreds of items. Inaccurate counts created shortages and work stoppages on the production line. The tool crib was manned on the day shift but was open on the second and third shifts. Records of items removed from when the crib was unmanned were inaccurate. During a Kaizen, the company concluded that automating their tool crib could free up precious resources while reducing inefficiencies related to the tool crib. The challenge was to accomplish this with a minimum amount of cost and labor.



AutoCrib's RoboCrib carousel system was installed to replace the manned tool crib. RoboCrib provides secure access to over 1500 different SKUs in less than 10 seconds - with 100% accountability. The touch screen user interface lets the users search for products they need by item code, description or class. And, when that isn't enough information, workers can also see a digital picture of the item before they dispense it.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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