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Management reported that AutoCrib’s AutoLockers improved overall quality control and through the elimination of gauge losses, the system paid for itself in 60 days.

AutoLocker system pays for itself in 60 days


Reduce Loss of Precision Gauges and Calibration Equipment

A mid-sized defense manufacturing company was losing from $6,000-$10,000 a month in precision measuring tools from an honor-based gauge lab. They needed to cut the loss of gauges immediately while maintaining the availability of the tools to the workforce to ensure quality control on the plant floor. They also wanted to increase the visibility of gauges on the floor, to improve the ability to maintain good gauge calibration recall procedures. The current system provided a calibration recall procedure, but couldn't give the system administrator THE LOCATION OF THE GAUGE. Management knew it could solve the problem by manning the gauge lab on all three shifts. Unfortunately, corporate wouldn't allow any additional headcount.



The addition of AutoCrib AutoLockers provides 100% accountability of not only who takes or returns a gauge, but also what department and work center the employee is from. With AutoLockers, the company now tracks the job and part number the employee is working on. Additionally, the gauge calibration software notifies in real time any gauge that falls out of calibration. If the gauge is in a locker, that locker door will not open. If the gauge is on the floor, the system administrator is instructed as to who has it and where it is.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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