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  • Savings in inventory costs of $40,000.

  • Reduced overall consumption by 20%.

  • Eradicated stock-outs through automatic electronic reordering.

  • Eliminated production downtime.

  • Savings of $150 per purchase order

Saved $40,000 in inventory costs and overall consumption by 20%


Significant Growth Led to Overspending and Waste

Davis Tool & Die was established in 1989, and in the past 20 years, the company had experienced significant growth. Expanding to more than 65 workers, the company suffered from a lack of inventory control. "We would order a tool because we thought we were all out, but would discover later that there was a full box tucked away on a shelf," said Doug Green, Davis' Purchasing Agent.



AutoCrib worked with the company to install a RoboCrib 1000 to provide access to 1,000 items in less than 10 seconds. The RoboCrib automatically dispenses a wide variety of tools and supplies, while providing automatic tracking, inventory adjustment, and reordering. The RoboCrib 1000 can run as a stand-alone unit or become part of a larger automated tool crib system.

"We worked with Davis to create a real-time interface between Davis' software, JobBoss, and ours that runs RoboCrib 1000," said Steve Pixley, CEO of AutoCrib. The result is a system that provides control of waste and inventory levels, reducing costs of overall consumption by 20%.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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