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  • Foreign Objects and Debris (FOD) has been virtually eliminated.

  • Tool and inventory usage reduced by 30-40%.

  • Shrinkage has been alleviated, especially during off-hours shifts.

  • No longer using replacement or non-certified tooling on maintenance work.

  • Purchasing efficiency has increased with the automated reorder reports from the AutoCrib system.

  • Written records track tooling used for different jobs as an audit trail for the CAA/FAA.

Eliminated FOD, reduced tool and inventory usage by 30-40%


Time is Money When We Can't Find the Required Tools

In airline maintenance, it's critical to be sure no tools are left on an aircraft when it's released back into service. (It's not just a cost-savings issue - tools left on an airplane where they don't belong are a huge safety hazards for the industry.) The airline needed a way to keep track of every tool issued for work on a particular aircraft. In fact, an airplane couldn't be released back into service until every tool was accounted for.



This airline's AutoCrib system now includes numerous RoboCrib 2000 carousel systems, RoboCrib 1000s and extensive custom locker arrays to issue and return tools and gauges for a specific job/airplane. A real-time interface with SAP identifies the particular aircraft, and will not release the aircraft until all tools have been returned to the AutoCrib system.

The airline has decided to add AutoCrib AutoLockers with calibration control to all of their maintenance departments, as well as an Intelliport RFID portal for controlling large high- value test equipment for the aircraft.

Gain the AutoCrib Advantage

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