Increase the security and accuracy of your unattended tool crib with a RFID portal that will provide complete inventory control.

The Basics
Materials/Finish Sturdy steel construction and powder coated
Configuration(s) 85"w x 52"d (67"d with doors open) x 95"h
Weight Capacity NA
Touchscreen Size 19"
Enclosure Dimensions • Enclosure: 85”W (215cm) x 95”H (241cm) x 51”D (129cm) (closed) / 68”D (172cm) (open)
Power • 100-240VAC– 50/60HZ, 5A/2.5A MAX
Warranty 12-month warranty

tags: Tool Crib, RFID, MRO, High Security, Field Configurable/Reconfigurable, Check in/Out

Product Details

The industry’s best RFID portal for inventory management.

Industrial RFID portals are a great way to automate the inventory management process of a large tool crib, without requiring you to have additional staffing. You can rapidly and accurately issue, return, and automatically track items from an unmanned tool crib or stores area using the IntelliPort® system. You can even use it to secure your existing tool crib, “tool cage,” fixture crib, gauge crib, or stores area.

Cut your inventory consumption by 20-40%

The IntelliPort® drives down spending on inventory not just temporarily but permanently. This machine prevents stock-outs, incorrect inventory levels, inventory shrinkage, and nearly all the problems typically associated with inventory management. It takes your “big data” and turns it into valuable actionable inventory information.

Gauge management inventory control

The IntelliPort® physically stops users from leaving with gauges that are out of calibration. It uses advanced gauge calibration software to track your gauges by calibration date, the number of days on the floor, the number of cycles it has run or any combination of these factors and more. The system maintains a complete history of all your gauges to ensure timely calibration and compliance with your lean, Six Sigma, and ISO quality standards.

Prevents accidental tag reads

The doors on the IntelliPort® are specially designed and RFID shielded. This prevents users outside carrying RFID tagged items near-by from getting accidentally detected by the system. Having doors on the outside also stops users from leaving before they are checked-out.

Simple fast tracking RFID readers cover every angle.

The IntelliPort® has large RFID antennas arranged at every angle surrounding the user which makes for extremely fast read-rates. It uses photo beam body mass indicators to detect how many users entered the portal. It also features two security cameras that capture users from both front and back.

The latest RFID technology

The IntelliPort® uses modern Class 1, Gen-2, Passive RFID tags. This provides a wide-variety of tags for your unique application. Everything from very low-cost paper tags or labels that are assigned to a RFID tag printer to sophisticated metal tags that are as small as a pencil eraser. The flexibility provides a robust solution that can handle a diverse inventory.


The IntelliPort® system is brand agnostic and allows you to use your existing employee badges, your existing tools, and whatever brand of RFID tags you prefer.

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S&S has partnered with AutoCrib since 2007 on vending projects with our corporate manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, and utility customers. Their constant innovation in leading edge vending technology allows us to have a proven and unique set of capabilities that our competition cannot offer. Their in-house techs and parts that are readily available allow our tech teams to keep the 200+ installed systems nation-wide running 24/7 that are critical to our customers success and S&S’s reputation.
Here are some of the benefits that we are seeing from the RoboCribs: Ease of issue. No cross contamination. Reorders are automatic. Visibility of parts and quantities.
AutoCrib vending systems helped JetBlue Airways to implement new technology in our operation. This allowed us to track our assets and reduce touch points with a return on investment that was less than 12 months.
AutoCrib has integrated seamlessly into our high-tech, fast-paced operation at Flex-Cell Precision-a cutting-edge, precision CNC machine shop located in Lancaster, PA. Since first using our LX2000 four years ago, we have been able to rely on AutoCrib's accurate reporting to monitor, track and order tooling. Nuisance purchasing has become a thing of the past with established min and max inventory levels, monitored in conjunction with US Tool Group. Using a system like our AutoCrib has practically eliminated stock-outs, knowing we are always a couple of weeks ahead of the game. Data is generated & manipulated into various report formats by Operator, Job, Date, etc. for easy visibility of where our tooling is being distributed to. Practically maintenance free, there is little to no effort needed to keep our system operating perfectly. Make the change we did to help keep your operation running smoother and discover an AutoCrib system for yourself.