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A Warehouse Solution that is Rising to New Heights

Are you looking to buy or rent space to store items you can no longer fit at your current location? If looking at this solution is causing you to stress over your budget, don’t worry! There is another way! Choose to build up instead of out, with a vertical lift module (VLM) with inventory control software.

Time is Money, but so is Space

While building out into another warehouse may give you more space, it can also be very expensive. A VLM requires only 47 square feet of floor space, you can save up to 1,400 sq. ft. per 25 feet of vertical space in a VLM system. That can save your company $14,000 a year, assuming a conservative warehousing cost of $10 per sq. ft. A vertical lift module allows you to condense your equipment, tools, and other storage needs into one place and free up space for value-added activities.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

The VLM is not just a high-density storage unit; it also doubles as an inventory management system for tracking your items. Like industrial vending machines, the VLM provides its users with point-of-use inventory management software to do the recordkeeping automatically. This means accountability, fewer mistakes, less cycle counts, and limited downtime for physical inventory counts. This provides your company with the ability to see who takes which items at what time, eliminating expenses due to loss or theft.

Relax, You Don’t Need to Lift a Finger

Your ERP system is an integral part of keeping operations running efficiently. Reliable inventory software will update your ERP system whenever items are issued or returned. This means your staff spends less time on data entry and more time on value-added activities. Inventory software updates your ERP system without you needing to lift a finger.

Don’t Break Your Back

Is HR riddled with multiple cases of workplace injuries? Retrieving items from tall shelves can cause injuries from falling parts, shelving collapse, or strain from heavy lifting. These types of injuries can cost your business to lose as much as $200,000 per accident, which accounts for medical care and other indirect costs. Eliminate safety hazards by allowing a giant vending machine to retrieve the items your employees need. Automated storage and retrieval systems take loads off employees’ backs and ease HR’s workload.

From small parts to large boxes, a vertical lift module will save you space and money. It provides the flexibility and functionality of a vending machine, with a state-of-the-art inventory management system. AutoCrib’s VLM solution has helped a variety of industries, from manufacturing facilities to aerospace companies, by saving them valuable floor space, tracking resources, reducing injury and integrating seamlessly into ERP systems. You don’t need to buy more space in order to find more space: you had it all along. So build up your storage system today!


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