Top 4 Reasons to Start Vending your Personal Electronic Devices

We’ve all experienced the frantic search for our misplaced smartphone. When these personal electronic devices (PEDs) belong to your company, you are looking at a costly replacement, potential security threat, and time wasted searching for necessary items. What if a smart locker could tell you exactly where PEDs are? Why wouldn’t you start vending your eTools?

Make searching a thing of the past.

Nothing is worse than not knowing where the company tablet, laptop or cell phone is when someone needs it for a job.  A smart locker and asset management software knows which employee or job a PED was checked out to last. Being able to trace electronic devices eliminates time spent searching for lost eTools and increases accountability.  No more lost PEDs means you don’t have to pay to replace them!

Ensure your information won’t fall the wrong hands.

With sensitive data and important information loaded onto your eTools, you simply cannot afford to let an electronic device leave company possession. When your eTools are tracked with a smart locker system, you find exactly who has it and when they checked it in or out. With full visibility of each tablet and laptop computer, you won’t worry about your important information getting into the wrong hands.

Keep it hot and ready to go.

When employees rely on these devices to be fully charged to do their job,  a drained battery throws a wrench into operations. Employees waste time and money when they wait for electronic devices to be charged and you end up paying for it.  With a smart locker, that optionally charges devices and can set restrictions to only check out fully charged items, you ensure that electronic devices are ready when needed.

Protect your devices from being attacked.

There are many threats your eTools can face, but a breach of cyber security is by far the worst.  Local Area Network (LAN) connections within a locker allows you to perform software updates, virus protection, and other network or internet-based maintenance that provides for effective patch maintenance and cyber security improvements. Protect your electronic devices inside and out.

By using a smart locker with intelligent software, you save yourself the hassle of searching for lost or stolen PEDs, protect your electronics from internal and external threats and guarantee that all electronic devices are fully charged and ready to use. You may keep losing your phone between the cushions at home, but you won’t have to worry about your expensive electronic devices going missing.  │ (800) 671-6501 │

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